A taste of Spring

Plus 7 degrees Centigrade today!  Not as warm as the January thaw, when it got to plus 9C, and quite a wind to make it not very pleasant outside.  But the black-capped chickadees are singing their spring song.  You can play it at this site: http://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Black-capped_Chickadee/id

And two days ago, I found the very first pussy willows

pussy willows on my windowsill at Ginty Creek

The other plants are things to eat!  Cilantro, arugula, kamut grass, and sunflower sprouts. I am also growing parsley on the kitchen windowsill, and radish, alfalfa and clover sprouts in one jar, and lentil sprouts in another.

And at last, the first Oregon Junco.  Three and a half weeks later than last year!  I at once put out the mixed bird seed.  The chickadees don’t have strong enough beaks to eat the millet so I feed them sunflower seeds all winter.  But the juncos have the right beaks for it.

oregon junco at Ginty Creek
Oregon junco at Ginty Creek

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