I have been working on a new book all winter.  It is about the place I am describing on this blog.  It will be called Ginty’s Ghost.  Ginty Paul was the previous eccentric spinster who lived here.  The manuscript is now ready to send to a publisher.  I hope the book will be on the shelves by the fall of 2012.  It will be book # 10.  For the other nine, see this link.

The next job was to finish my income tax.  (I never have to pay any but I still have to go through the motions.)

So now I am free to do some carpentry work.  I’ve been stepping over a pile of lumber to go to bed all winter and I now utilized these boards.

cutting wall boards on the kitchen steps

Kitchen steps make a great sawhorse. I have used them for all my building projects both to stand on and as a work bench.

I sided the closet I made for coats last fall.  You can see how the wall boards have darkened since I put them up last spring.

a closet for coats at Ginty Creek

There is a huge amount of work to do on the house but I will have no money to buy the materials I need to finish it until I sell my mountain ecotourism business. You can see the plywood floor I am living with in the top picture.  But the house is warm and it is located in a beautiful place.

2 thoughts on “Carpentering”

  1. Ginty Paul taught me in my 6th grade. A greater teacher I never had. She definitely influenced my life and left a lasting impression. I wish I could learn more about her and her life.

    1. Hello Jeannette , Ginty Paul was my teacher as well on Hornby Island. I feel the same way about her as you. I have never forgotten her, and feel she was such a huge influence on my life to this very day. I wondered where you had the experience of having her for a teacher. Joe

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