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Toby needs a home

I am having computer problems so this entry will be brief.  The pretty sunrises and sunsets we have been having will have to wait until I can get things moving again.

TobyThe niece of a friend of a friend is looking for a home for a dog.  He is a Himalayan sheep dog – looks nothing like any other kind of sheep dog that I know, but he has the guardian characteristics.  He is living in an apartment in Vancouver, Canada, but needs space and a territory to patrol.  He gets carsick so is not a good dog for a traveller. I already have two dogs, and besides I need to travel long distances sometimes, and need to fly in a float plane to get to my summer resort.

Toby is 3 years old, his father was “rescued” from India, he is lab-sized but a lot rangier.  He is apparently friendly with all people and very good with children but not always friends with other dogs at first. In my experience (having taken several dogs from rescue situations) some of these nervous traits soon disappear when the dog has more space and freedom.

If anyone is interested, please let me know and I will pass you on to my contacts. (I have other pics but am having trouble getting them onto this blog.)