New Book – Captured By Fire

And here at last is the cover of our new book, Captured By Fire.The picture is ofof co-author Fred’s house on August the 3rd, the worst day of the 2017 fires for him and his wife Monika.  Even the firefighters left on that day and took all their equipment with them.  Fred and Monika were begged to leave, but if they had gone, they would not have been allowed to return.  The law made all of us stay on our properties long after it was dangerous because of not being allowed home again.  If Fred, Monika and I had left when told to do so at the beginning of the fire, we would have been away for nearly 2 months.  Firefighters might have saved our houses – but who would look after the gardens and livestock?

Fred and I will be touring with slide shows for this very exciting book.  Sometimes we will be together, sometimes alone.  We will catch Nimpo Lake, Tatla Lake, and Alexis Creek in mid September.  We will both be together in Williams Lake, and again in the Vancouver Island shows as many of the firefighters came from there.  Here is the schedule so far.  More details will be added soon.

Williams Lake Arts Centre – September 30

100 Mile Library – Oct 1

Revelstoke library – Oct 3

Blind Bay – Oct 4

Salmon Arm Library – Oct 5

Peachland Library – Oct 8

Vernon museum – Oct 9

West Kelowna Library – Oct 10

Comox library – Oct 15

Nanimo North Library – Oct 17

Gabriola Library – Oct 19

Powell River Library – Oct 22

Sechelt – Oct 24 or 25

Squamish Library – Oct 28

Whistler Library Oct 29

New West Library – Oct 30

Some of the gaps will be filled in.

Fred and Monika plan to tour the Kootenays in November.


About wilderness dweller

I have lived for more than 30 years as a Wilderness Dweller. Most of that time was in cabins I built myself far from the nearest road, high in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada. My "retirement" home is accessible by a bush road but still far from neighbours. I live off the grid, and operate this blog by solar-powered satellite internet.
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6 Responses to New Book – Captured By Fire

  1. Ina Hunt says:

    Look forward to reading this book. That was such a challenging year for so many people. Most of us have never experienced anything remotely close to what you did. Enjoy the rest of summer!

  2. Lea Bergman says:

    Memories of that summer still give me the chills! We watched from our small lake below the beginning of the Sapeye Ridge as White Saddle flew back and forth bucketing when the fire started up at Colwell Lake. Then we were on evacuation alert and since we go in and out by boat and have no phone it was stressful. I have a photo of loons floating on grey, the sky was the same as the water.
    I still look forward to reading your book though!

  3. Margaret says:

    You’ll want to correct the typo on the cover – livelihoods not livliehoods.
    So happy to see new posts – I check every week to see if there are new photos and stories.
    Really enjoy your blog!

  4. M. Anne and John Silins says:

    Chris, how wonderful to find so many of your ‘blogs’ today. Your photographs and your writing is a joy. We were concerned all was not well with you, but now we realize that you have indeed been very busy. We look forward to your new book, and to attending your lecture/book selling in the Nanaimo (North) Library.
    Enjoy the remainder of your summer.

  5. Marilyn Bueckert says:

    I’m disappointed you aren’t coming to Port Alberni to either our library or to Char’s Landing.

  6. Jean B says:

    Looking forward to it! Hopefully, you caught the typo on the cover – “livelihood”, not “livliehood” 🙂

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