August at Ginty Creek

My excuse for the long delay since posting this time is that nothing much happened for a while!  But now of course, everything has happened at once.

August at Ginty Creek remained wet on and off with sometimes heavy rains.  I never remember such a persistently wet, cool summer.  We did have 5 days of hot weather but that was it.The garden loved it.  Lots of greenery.I took lots of rain pictures.  This is orache, a kind of spinach. Radish flowerPea flowersEverything was bowed down or knocked flat.  Brown-eyed Susan.FlaxIt was hard to find a dry spell to harvest and dry the abundant crop of kale.  I have to keep it under row cover or it gets eaten to bits.)It is best to blanch it and to do this and facilitate handling afterwards, I spend some hours threading it on twine.  It can then be easily hung to dry – and removed if rain threatens.It rained again , And the second batch of kale was hung in the greenhouse.The full moon came (reminding me I hadn’t posted for a while).  Despite all our rain, and the absence of fires generally in the province, we had quite a lot of smoke.  On this day, the moon was quite red with it.The next day it set while there was still light in the sky.It’s ghost fading away. This was an exception to the mostly bland sunrises.  There is far less snow left on the mountains this year.  We have not had the usual intermittent frosts – the warm night temperatures and rain must have extended high up the mountains.For my dose of sunshine I had to turn to the sunflowers that pop up where the birds leave uneaten seeds.They are bigger than usual this year.Note the sleepy bee who spent the night there.  Great to have breakfast waiting for you as soon as you wake up.Dead sunflowers also have tremendous appeal.  This butterfly agreed with me.

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  1. I’ve dried chard that way, but with my milder climate I can leave my kale in the ground all year round to harvest as needed. However, this year there’s none since I didn’t have a spring/summer garden. My raised beds on the float needed repairs and we wanted to go out in the ocean boat for longer trips and watering would have been difficult. – Margy

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