Fire Book Progress

The Fire Book is progressing.  Co-author Fred, and I, have been very busy lately organizing photographs and drawings .  It does not have an official title yet.

We have been very fortunate in the generosity of various helicopter pilots who are willing to share their spectacular photos.  Here are a couple of the Precipice Fire on their worst day, August 3 2017:The pilots begged them to leave, but, as with all of us, if we left we would not be allowed home again.  (A ridiculous law I speak about a lot in the book.) Here are Fred and Monika sitting on their tailgate, snapped by a helicopter pilot as he was taking himself and his machine to safety. And here is the KK fire seen from my house during a big blow-up on August 16th.And  what it looked like, a little further south, from the air.This is going to be a very exciting book!

7 thoughts on “Fire Book Progress”

  1. As usual great photos, but at the same time it is sad to see such destruction. Keep up with your photos and writing. Enjoy.

  2. Wonderful pictures!!! So pleased to hear of another addition to my library collection shelf titled “Wildernessdweller”. I also prefer a physical book to hold – nothing better than quiet, a good book, hunkered down in my favorite chair in front of the fireplace with a cup of tea. What more could you ask? Shirley

  3. Hi Chris it’s Marjo again. Seems I sent the last email without proof reading it. In case you haven’t figured it out was talking about using more ebooks for my stay in hospital which was more convenient than physical books for that time. However I much prefer the feel and smell of physical books. Call me old fashioned but I guess it brings back memories of oh so long ago.

  4. Hi Chris, haven’t been on here for sometime now. I’ve moved back to Alberta from Abbotsford. Had a bit of a setback healthwise. Nothing that time can’t fix. My husband along with our eldest son and his family moved in June of last year. We used to live in the Calgary area back before the kids arrived and then moved to Abbotsford area in 1981. Our children grew up in BC to be close to our families and our parents. My husband and first son were born in Calgary. We now live in the Sundre area, on a lovely bit of property we share together. Along with a house and some outbuildings. It’s become quite chilly this past month in particular. -30 most days. Nothing we haven’t expienced before. Though does make it more chilly to go for my walk each day. So have resigned to using my exercise bike inside when the wind blows. I see you’ve been busy the past year or so. So glad to see you’re coming out with another book. I look forward to adding it to my collection of your books. I’ve started using more books since I was in hospital last summer … was easier to keep things with me and pick up more as I needed them. But I still prefer the physical books and the smell of them. Plus you don’t have to depend on power to view them. Glad you survived the fires. Our grandchildren that came with us are enjoying the change of lifestyle and meeting new people as well. A big change for them. We have been back to the coast a few times since we moved out here. Mostly to handle the moves of both households as well as other family matters. Looking forward to your new book. Please keep in touch.

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