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Fire Book Progress

The Fire Book is progressing.  Co-author Fred, and I, have been very busy lately organizing photographs and drawings .  It does not have an official title yet.

We have been very fortunate in the generosity of various helicopter pilots who are willing to share their spectacular photos.  Here are a couple of the Precipice Fire on their worst day, August 3 2017:The pilots begged them to leave, but, as with all of us, if we left we would not be allowed home again.  (A ridiculous law I speak about a lot in the book.) Here are Fred and Monika sitting on their tailgate, snapped by a helicopter pilot as he was taking himself and his machine to safety. And here is the KK fire seen from my house during a big blow-up on August 16th.And  what it looked like, a little further south, from the air.This is going to be a very exciting book!