Nick 1 firstReaders of Snowshoes and Spotted Dick, and And the River Still Sings, will remember “German Nick.”  He helped me build Cabin Three at Nuk Tessli.  We all called him “Nick”, but in Germany he is usually referred to as “Nico.”

When he came to Nuk Tessli, he already had two years’ building experience, working with squared logs and dove-tailed corners, which is the more traditional way to construct log buildings in Germany.  He was keen to help build my cabin as he was very interested in building with round logs.  These were his first round notches.Nick 2

Nick 3

Nick 4Round-log, or “Canadian Style” log-building is becoming popular in Germany.  First Nico worked for another round-log builder – then he formed his own company: Nicolog.

I think I got the better part of the deal – he did most of the heavy construction for the walls of Cabin 3.  But he always says how grateful he was to be able to get his start on my cabin.


3 thoughts on “Nicolog”

  1. When I read these stories of building Cabin’s in the wilderness it just amazes me the powerful courage, determination and skill. What a grand dream to see unfold. Such spirited lives and connections, all joining hands, just wonderful.

  2. Hi Cris,

    I read your book “Lonesome”, what a delight.
    Now I came across a book from you “And the River still sings”.
    Great reading.
    I have so much respect for you for doing your own thing and not following the societies expectations. You are my Hero.

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