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Remember the icons on the hyacinth label that I bought (see last but one post.)20  hyacinth labelI was amused at the instructions telling people not to eat it.  But I received this wonderful comment from Susan Passerel, who has generously allowed me to share it with you.

Spring brings flowers. The purchase of your hyacinth bulb and the marker with the iconic instructions fork and spoon, don’t eat label is for people like me. HA HA. There is a great deal of edible flowers for salads, cookies, breads and lovely cool drinks and the list goes on and on. When I was sixteen I went to a high school dance and on a date, in which I was given a lovely tiny bouquet of flowers and in that bouquet had pansies and roses. As the evening went into a walk in the moonlight I began to eat my bouquet. Plucking the pansies out and popping them in my mouth as we talked and walked. The evening and the dance went quite well, until I started eating portions of my bouquet. The young gents face was of shock, like I grabbed his grandma and shook her down. You’re eating my bouquet he said, like a goat. I said it’s my bouqet, you gave it to me. There was no second date. Apparently the young gent was not as keen on edible flowers as I was. But I learned a valuable lesson don’t eat your bouquet if given one until you get home from your date.

Thank you Susan!


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