Tatla Lake School Santa Breakfast

2 schoolThe Tatla Lake School has 21 students this year – quite a rise from the 16 of last year.  But all the older ones will be leaving  – to complete high school they have to go to Williams lake or beyond.  There used to be a dorm in Williams lake, but that didn’t work out (too many drugs) so now locals must either stay with a choice of caring hosts during the week (a bus picks them up at 5:00:am Monday and drops them back at suppertime on Friday) or have parents who decide to buy or rent a second home in town while their kids finish school.  If there are a lot of kids in the family, this can go on for a number of years.

First we had a feast.1 santa breakfastThen a play.3 playFollowed by a number by the talented Thompson brothers4 ThompsonsAnd finally a visit by Santa and Mrs Santa.  I missed their arrival, but they came by horse!  Thank you, Wayne.5 santa's sleigh bestAfterwards, all the kids got to have a ride on the wagon!

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