Greenhouse Update

1 in sun pre doorThis is what the greenhouse looked like before I went to town.  (While it was still cold and sunny.)  A lot of the glass had been salvage and still had industrial stickers on it.2 glass stickersThere were: Caution, Automatic Doors; and In; and Out; and even: Free Wifi.  I thought of leaving the latter for the birds!  These stickers peeled off.  The Jimmy Patterson ones, however, are much harder to move.  It will be a job for volunteers in spring.3 jim pattersonI couldn’t make the door until I had been to Williams Lake and bought the right kind of hinges.  I had found two windows at the Kleena Kleene dump during the summer, and by shrinking the door hole a bit, and adding a couple of spacers, I could make them fit.  (The colour is a bit excruciating, but scraping it off, or repainting it, will be another job for spring volunteers.)  I knew I would not be able to lift the two pieces of glass together so I fitted the bottom half of the door first.4 building doorI have joined top and bottom together with a catch for now, but can have them open separately if I wish.5 greenhouse door from insideThe final touch was to fit a dog door into a bottom corner of the wall.  I won’t be able to use the greenhouse for growing things for a while but it keeps the worst of the weather from my door, and funnels in yet more heat when the sun shines.  Now I am set for the winter.


3 thoughts on “Greenhouse Update”

  1. Whe went in your house in September 2001 (just before the 11/09 )…. And whe think very often that il was very beautiful holidays …. My name is CARME Suzanne and whe live in france . Il is a family of Vancouver who gave us your name because whe change our house with their during summer 2001 . My daughter live in England and want to go to Canada this summer and perhaps she will spend a week in Nuke TESSLI ?
    Your new house is very beautiful on the photos and I am very happy to know that your experience continue .
    Good new year

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