The Yurt

A week before the housewarming party, my new neighbours, Jade and Ryan, arrived with the yurt.  the whole thing fitted into the back of a short-box pickup truck.

yurt 1 in truckThey might have started to put it together earlier, but we had an unexpected day of heavy rain.  More rain fell in 12 hours than has come down all year. That evening it cleared enough to start work.  (Like my greenhouse, the structure started with the doorway!)

yurt 2 walls

yurt 3 starting roofIt was very cool the way it all fitted together.yurt 4 more roof

yurt 6 b finish roofThe following day, they started on the cover.yurt 7 on top of roof

yurt 8 coverI had ordered a 3-season yurt.  It came with a white lining attached to a silver insulation layer.yurt 9 cover 2The outer cover was then placed on top.yurt 10 outer coverEverything was tied or slotted into place.  No nails or screws were used except around the doorway.yurt 11 sky holeI then went away for a couple of days (more of that in the next post) and arrived home in time for the housewarming party.  A recently received an email stating that the writer was sure I would put my party guests to work – and I did.

First to arrive was Betty.  She helped Jade install the stove and the chimney.

yurt chimney 1Unfortunately, I had been told that the hole in the cupola that sat on the roof was for a 6″ chimney, and that is what I had.  However, it was 8″ wide, so we had to adapt the 8″ cover to provide a support.yurt chinney 2

yurt chimney 3It was tricky getting the pipe through the top of the roof. Jade has her feet hooked in the straps that rope the yurt down in case of wind.yurt chimney 4yurt chimney 5And there it is.IMG_6857Betty was, very deservedly, the first person to sleep in it!  (The floor still has to be finished.)yurt interiorHowever, Betty was not the only worker/guest. Regular readers of the blog and my books may remember the post: Super Sarah, Wonder Woofer.  She has worked with me several times, right from the age of 19, and her father, Bert Gregersen, did the original wiring of my house.  Who better to hook up the solar panel that Jimmy and I erected, and install lights in the yurt?

Bert and battery

super sarahThank you, everyone!

finished yurt

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  1. Wonderful photos of the yurt erection! Your friends and family are going to love it.
    Enjoyed all the posts – – thank you Chris!

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