Suddenly, It’s Fall.

1 sunrise 1

2 sunrise 2Suddenly, it’s fall.  Where did the summer go?

The leaves have turned more than 2 weeks early.  I planned the housewarming party for the last weekend in September, hoping the fall colours would be good, but some years (like last year) they have barely started at that time.  This year I am wondering if they are going to last.

3 red birch

4 perkind peakJimmy had been with me for a month when I took him into Williams Lake to catch the bus. The drive in was one of the most spectacular I have ever had.  Not only were the colours beautiful, but slabs of mist over the lakes and rivers added a wonderful element.

5 town 1IMG_6153(Jimmy is not by nature an early riser.  He finally got to see the sunrise!)

6 town 2 IMG_6155

7 town 3 IMG_6156

8 town 5 IMG_6160

9 town 4 IMG_6158I took a picture from the same place in the spring – when the wild roses were blooming.  Now their leaves have turned red.

10 town 6IMG_6163It was at this point that Jimmy became worried that I was stopping so much to take photographs he would miss his bus!

Town was stinking hot!  After temps in the low 20Cs, it suddenly jumped to 30C again – at one point, along the road, the thermometre registered 33C.  Fortunately, is was not to last long.

I had a lot to do in town and was quite late coming home so got the strong evening light on the fall colours, too.

11 town 7As the sun went down, a sundog was revealed.  It was still pretty hot on earth, but these effects happen when there are ice crystals in the sky.

12 town 8 sundogIt was already quite dark when I came across this young black bear eating rosehips.  I, and others, had seen him before.  He is looking skinny.  Bears need their mothers to survive the winter so I don’t know if he’ll make it alone or not.

13 bear MG_6171This morning, my meadow was lovely.

14 my meadow IMG_6173There is no question that the fall has come.

15 fall has come

2 thoughts on “Suddenly, It’s Fall.”

  1. What adventures you have had. The part of your books I always remember was the storm during the building of your cabin in the mountains. You were nailing boards over the west windows and concluded that sleeping in the unfinished cabin would be drier than in the tent. And you lit the stove. “The warmth was wonderful.” I could almost feel it myself.

    I haven’t kept up with your blog, but I have been rummaging through the bookmarks in my computer, and happily came on your site. The fall colors are glorious!

    (I don’t know why the link for the sunflower congregation came up!)

    Happy housewarming!

    Lee Schiring recently posted…The Sunflower CongregationMy Profile

  2. Beautiful colours! Our maples on the steep hillside out front of the cabin are just starting to turn yellow. We have no snow to see in the high country yet, too warm so far, but we sure need it. At least the rains have our streams flowing again, if only for short bursts. Our bears have mostly gone to lower streams to catch salmon, or to visit fruit trees in yards. – Margy
    Margy recently posted…“The Donkey Puncher’s Daughter” by Kim AllenMy Profile

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