1. summerAs so often happens on the Chilcotin, we have no real spring – the seasons turn directly from winter into the headlong rush of summer.  There is so much work to do!  The garden is forging ahead.

2 gardengardenWhen I cam back from Williams Lake with the new batch of volunteers, we ran into the leaders of the 300 head of cows that my neighbour was turning onto the summer range.  Fortunately we had to nudge our way through only a small proportion before reaching my turnoff.

3 cowsI’ve had very little time to enjoy the burgeoning life, but I snatched a couple of moments to notice the flowers:  Silky phacelia.

4 silky phaceliaSmall-flowered penstemon and pussy toes.

5 penstemon and pussytoesThe vivid purple penstemon with inch-long blooms.

6 pink penstemonBlue-eyed Grass

7 blueyed grassA few scrappy paintbrush.

8 scrappy paintbrushAnd everywhere the heady scent of wild roses.

9 wild rose 1

10 wild rose 2It’s been hot, hot, hot.  No frost for about 3 weeks until a couple of days ago.  It shrivelled some of the garden stuff but it is still growing like crazy.

Most sunrises have been rather insipid, as often happens with clear skies, but the other morning we had a great display.  Every few minutes the light changed dramatically.

11 sunrise 1

12 niuts sunrise

14 FP sunrise

15 s

16 pen sunrise

17 final sunrise



2 thoughts on “Summer!”

  1. Chris,you are truly the a Queen of your domain. So much talent, such an eye for beauty, such enthusiasm for life! Your volunteers must have a blast with you, all the while learning and experiencing raw and real life.
    The dogs have such a great life too.
    I am one of the people afraid of my own shadow!
    I enjoy and appreciate your posts with their window into an amazing world.
    Thanks again Chris..

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