The Days Are Getting Longer!

1 sunsetThe days are getting longer – after all the new solar year is almost a month old.   How short the days seem to get when the year is dying – how much longer the same day length seems when spring is on the way!   The sunrises and sunsets have not been visible very often, but when they are it is possible to see how much the rising and setting points have moved.  On the shortest day the sun sets to the left of the bare-branched tree.  Two days ago it died against the south flank of Finger Peak.

6 sunriseThere is still a lot of dull weather, but sunshine happens more frequently, and with the longer days I finally felt I could shove the generator back into its storage cave.

As soon as I was ploughed out for the second time, I made all the usual trips.  Tatla Lake for laundry, dump and library, and Nimpo Lake (in the opposite direction) for gas and mail.

4 Nimpo store 1The store has an impressive array of icicles (showing that the roof is not well insulated.)

5 nimpo store 2Since the snow plough came, the dogs now have a new favourite spot.

2 dogs on snowbank 1

3 dogs on snowbank 2This morning was gorgeous.

7 clearingHow can I possible stay inside when it is like this!  The road to hell is paved with good snowshoeing!

8 trailFirst down to the cabin near the river (the one that is for sale).

9 cabinThen up the south bluff.

10 south bluff

10a trudging upFrom the top one can see the lake across Highway 20

11 view across lakeAnd from the end, one can look further south.

12 view southIn deep snow years, moose often hang about around the river.  There are lots of tracks, and here is the evidence: mooseberries.

13 moose berriesThe dogs were very interested in something down the bank.  Next, Badger barked – and at that, out ran a moose.

14 moose 1What extraordinary leg movements they have.  They seem to use their joints in ways that defy normal biology.  But they are superbly designed to get around in deep snow.  He ran up this steep bank like it was a ploughed, level sidewalk.15 moose 2I can’t handle this kind of snow without big clumsy things on my feet.

16 top of slope

17 slope and mts.Soon I dropped down to my neighbour’s road.

18 neighbour's roadThere were fresh moose tracks along there as well – and the big round footprints made by a wolf.

19 wolf tracksJust before I went off the road and back onto a snowshoe trail, I passed these old truck ruins.  I see them and wonder about their history often.  Mostly, they are uninteresting as a photography subject.  Sometimes the light is just right.

20old truckAnd there we have it.  As I write, the sun has finally cleared Finger Peak as it sets.  A perfect end to a perfect day.

sunset again(Supposed to snow tomorrow.)



5 thoughts on “The Days Are Getting Longer!”

  1. “How short the days seem to get when the year is dying – how much longer the same day length seems when spring is on the way!” I’ve been thinking that too. It’s the prospect of longer days with more light and warmth that gives us hope.

    Great moose-on-the-run pictures!

  2. Beautiful look into a glorious day! Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us. Looks like you got plenty of exercise- – bet the doggies loved it!

  3. a great perch for the dogs.
    My Roxy used to climb them and then send beacon calls that Sonee had wandered off again.
    How exciting to see the moose: such graceful movement!
    Yes, a perfect day!

  4. Hi Chris,
    Love the blog, sorry I missed you when you were in Courtenay for your book tour. I see your gas prices are still very high, here on the island we are now down to 89.9, unbelievable. Sorry to rub that in! I would love to see more pictures in and around your house. Cheers, Brenda

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