End of 2014

1. ice fog lidThe end of December was mainly dull as the ice fog closed in again.  Every gleam of light had me reaching for the camera.

7 tantalizing glimpse of sun

5 middle peakOnce we had a full hour of sun in the afternoon.

6 meadowBut mostly the fog hung around.

8a fog hanging round

And I had to find beauty in grey.

8 beauty in greyOn 24th December, I went to Nimpo Lake for mail.  I had been told the previous Friday that there would be a delivery day (it normally comes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), but when I arrived it was to find everything closed up.  The schedule had been changed so the driver did not have to work on Christmas Eve.  Fair enough, but as it is an 80-minute round trip for me to get to the P O, I was annoyed.  I have complained to the carrier that people like me need at least 2 weeks’ notice.  They insisted it was sent – but we never got the info.

Highway 20 was well-sanded and fast to drive.

2 Hwy 20On the shady side, there were still untouched patches of hoar frost.

3 hoar frostThat evening, I drove 40 minutes in the opposite direction to the log church at Tatla where they had a carol service and a turkey supper.  It is a very active church.  I am not a church member, but like all the other pagans, I enjoy singing, and I won’t say no to a turkey dinner!



I had a virtual Christmas on the 25th, sending solstice message to all my correspondents.  The dull weather was giving me power problems of course, and I ran the generator so I could stay on line all day.  I did not expect anyone to come and rush to rescue me over Christmas, however, I found out about an electrician who lives in Williams Lake, but who sometimes comes out to the Chilcotin, and who had had quite a lot of experience with solar set-ups.  His is a word-of-mouth business – no website – so it was a bit difficult tracking him down. He did have email, however, and over a period of a few days I sent him photos of every bit of my system.  All it needed was the right picture.  He noted that a single small switch was off instead of on.  As soon as I rectified that, I could charge the batteries with the generator to my hearts’ content.  Isn’t email wonderful?  A friend sent me this article from the Tyee News about Living Off the Grid.

Finally, on the evening of the 28th, the sky cleared.  I could see the sunset for the first time, it seemed, in weeks.

9 sunsetThe temperature the following morning was down to -28C, but there was not a cloud in the sky.

10 from windowI waited until it had warmed about ten degrees, then off I went for a  snowshoe.

11 sun on bluffsHow the world comes alive with a bit of sun!

12 shadows on snowA leaf that the fall forgot!

13 forgotten leafI went up onto the south bluff and looked down onto the river.  That is my neighbours’ house across the river.  They are trying to sell as well. The river is now mostly frozen.

14 river from bluff

15 looking down on riverI wouldn’t want to trust it as you never know where the weak places are. Several animals are using it as a highway, though.  The right-hand track is a dog of some sort – too far to tell if it is a coyote or a wolf.  The left hand is likely a moose.

16 tracksI had broken trail to both sides of the top of the bluff, but there was still about 1/2km of unbroken snow.

17 HarryHarry is full of endless energy and likes to lead the way, but Badger is old and quite lame.  He prefers to stay in my tracks.  I feel like Good King Wenceslas.

18 Me and BadgerFor a while I could take the snowshoes off and walk on my neighbour’s road

19trees by roadIn the neighbour’s tire track was a very definite moose print.

20 moose trackThere is supposed to be a mail delivery today (Tuesday – again to avoid working on Wednesday) and maybe not one until Monday 5th!  So I will try and make it to Nimpo again.  I hope I can start my van as it was -30C this morning.  However, now the sun is up and it is forecast to warm to -16C. The mail truck usually arrives at noon, and mail is sorted by 1.00.  The P O closes at 2.

The sunlight is pouring into the solar panels.  It is supposed to warm after tomorrow and bring more cloud and possible snow so I’ll enjoy it while I can!



5 thoughts on “End of 2014”

  1. I have so enjoyed reading your posts over the last couple of years, with the lovely photos even though they make me feel cold sometimes with your -25 temperatures! Have a very Happy New Year and keep the posts coming, and all the best for 2015.

  2. Such beautiful posts! Really enjoyed the Tatla pics, too. We have over 2 feet of snow. The grader guy made one pass and is coming back tomorrow to widen the road. One pass is kind of dangerous. Someone has to back up or down when you meet them! We are making amps today for a change. Have had to use the generator a lot. So good to know you were able to find the right switch! Makes a big difference when you get a little help from the generator. Happy New Year! Need to get my book order off to you. I am so anxious to read your latest.

  3. Best Wishes for the New Year from Ireland. Looking forward to reading your new book when it is available here. Carol

  4. As always, your photos are (forgive the pun) a breath of fresh air.
    The greys have just as much “colour” as the sunshiny ones, I think.
    It has been quite sombre here too: no snow, just grey and brown.

    I have just finished reading your book and have started it again.

    Wishing you a wonderful 2015
    Barbara recently posted…Treasures to be FoundMy Profile

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