And The River Still Sings – Number One!

virgins retreatAnother tantalizing photo from And The River Still Sings – which is now NUMBER ONE on the BC Bestsellers’ Booklist.  We’ll have to see how long it stays there!

I have added a few more details to the  book tour page, notably, the addition of Revelstoke on 25th October.

I haven’t seen the book yet!  I will receive a few copies just before I leave for the start of my tour as I will go and pick up mail then.  After my first gig in Williams Lake, however, I go straight to the Lower Mainland, and it will be much cheaper for me to receive the rest of the books there.

Many of you have already written about ordering the book or reserving it in the library.  That is good news, and of course is what puts it high on the list.  Independant book stores need supporting, too.  But just a reminder:  if a book sells in a book store, I receive royalties, on average about 7% of the shelf price, 15 months down the road.  If I sell the books myself, I receive 50% of the shelf price – immediately!  My travel expenses are no longer paid like they used to be, and if I don’t make sales, I can’t afford to do book tours.

It’s going to be fun, though.  Just one great big ego-trip!

PS, forgot to mention that of course I will send books by mail.  However, I will be charging postage.  You can send a cheque or use the paypal button on the books page.  I will need your full address to determine the postal charges.



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