The Drought Continues at Ginty Creek

1 dry pondThe pond below my house at Ginty Creek is now completely dried up.  All the little organisms that swam frantically in the last of the water (see two posts back) have vanished.  There was a strong seashore smell for a couple of days so I expect most of them died.

2 pond dried upAround the middle of September the thermometre by my house recorded  -10C.  That’s 15 American.  It was probably colder down below in my garden as the kale was zapped and it takes a great deal to knock back kale.

3 kale frosted

The grass on the meadows, which never grew very much, is crispy crunchy to walk on.

4 sered grassHarry blends right in.

4a HarryRain was forecast again, and we actually had a very light shower that lasted about 15 minutes.

5 showerThe following day was cloudy with a brief, dramatic sunrise, followed by a strong wind that soon blew the dust around again.

6 sunriseOvernight, it seemed, the leaves have started to turn.

7 leaves turning

8 fall leaves10 fireweed

11 badger

One week today I start on my book tour.


One thought on “The Drought Continues at Ginty Creek”

  1. Hi Chris,

    Always great to see your new posts and photos, but especially good when you include the dogs in some shots.

    Good luck with the new book. Sounds like a good winter read.

    Regards, Gary

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