2014 Book Tour Update.

czajkowski family picA departure from my usual photographic displays, this picture features in And The River Still Sings, the focus for my 2014 book tour.  I have no idea where the picture was taken.  I never recall seeing my Dad in a suit, or my Mum in such a pretty dress.  I look about two years old, so the date would probably have been 1949.  I, as you can see, am sitting with my customary elegance – already headed for my “tomboy” life as a wilderness dweller.

And the River Still Sings reviews my whole life, trying to explain what led me to a career of a wilderness dweller.  It covers childhood and a decade of world travel as well as my 33 years in Canada.  I will be visiting: the Cariboo, the Lower Mainland, Vancouver and Gabriola Islands, and the Okanagan.  For details of the tour, check out the slide show page.

Within its first week in the book stores, the book reached Number 2 on the BC Best Sellers’ List, which isn’t too bad.

I will also be travelling with the new 10th Anniversary Edition of Lonesome: Memoirs of a Wilderness Dog, as well as with my other 9 titles.

Hope to see you there.

7 thoughts on “2014 Book Tour Update.”

  1. Chris !
    I got so excited about your new book that I ran out right away to pick it up.
    I can’t wait to read it ! I’ve been waiting for this book for years, hoping you would eventually write about you and why. You are living my life. The life I would have lived.
    You have kept me grounded through the years. When things got out of hand I’d just reread your books and think about your life. I don’t write much but sure check your blog daily just in case there’s a new post or image.
    I would meet you in a heartbeat….if I had a car.
    Huge hugs for writing this. I’m so excited about this book !!
    (Ok I’ll calm down and go read it now)

  2. Hello Chris, I am currently reading your books and looking forward to ordering your new one. I live in Ireland and am renovating a small country cottage and growing my own food with my son. You are an inspiration and keep me motivated to keep up my own adventure. Thanks! Carol

  3. Nice picture! You can’t hide who you are, but why should you? Great that your new book seems to be starting off succesful. Do you remember our correspondence of the late summer and fall of 2013? You weren’t convinced but it wasn’t such a bad idea after all 😉 I’m really looking forward to read the book, but I’ll have to wait untill it becomes available on Amazon.com, for me the only way to buy a copy and have it sent to Sweden… I wish you lots of succes with your upcoming book tour.

  4. I didn’t realize your book was available. Placed my order a few minutes ago since I may not make any of your slide show locations (:)

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