A Little Snow

harry the mutt


2 trailIn the swamp, it was hardly visible at all.

winter willowsI had to go to Bella Coola again to see the surgeon who gave me a new knee.  He comes up from Vancouver twice a year. Neither he nor the physiotherapist can explain why the knee is still swollen and painful, making it difficult to go down stairs – in the best case scenario, everything should be fine in 3 months – it is now 7 months since the operation.

All my other medical trips have been during the long days of spring and summer.  Snow was forecast on the Chilcotin and rain in the valley.  These are potentially the worst conditions as somewhere down the Bella Coola Hill the temperature changes from below to above freezing, and that can create a terribly slick surface.  The nearest Chilcotin weather station is nearly 100 km east of where I live, and the one in Bella Coola is almost the same distance west, and in a totally different climate.  There is no way of finding out what is going on down The Hill.

I once wrote a chapter in a book: How To Make Life Difficult For Yourself Without Really Trying.  The theme was that if you think of everything that can possibly go wrong, you are prepared for it.  So I carried: chains and bungie cords; axe; chainsaw; come-along and ropes; shovel; food; matches and candles; and dirty old clothes in case I had to crawl under the vehicle. Although I could manage the 6-hours driving, the appointment, and the shopping in one day if the weather cooperated, I had to be prepared to stay the night as the surgeon was flying in that morning.  Often the Bella Coola Valley is socked in during winter conditions, and the plane flies only to Anahim, after which passengers are bussed down The Hill, which adds 2 hours to their travel time – and the plane is often late, even in perfect weather.  So I also carried sleeping bag, dog food, and spare clothes.

The sun rose shortly after I left home.

sunrise Highway 20Some parts were foggy…

for on Highway 20But The Hill was clear.

Highway 20, Bella Coola HillAnd there was even a bit of feeble sun now and then.

highway 20Highway 20 had been well sanded and the transition from freeze to thaw was easy.  Soon I was driving in mud.

mud on The HillAt the bottom of The Hill, there was no snow at all.  Everything dripped with moisture.

snowberries at Stuix


10.  Mushrooms and mossThe scent of fall cedar forest was overwhelming.

11. mushroomsMy appointment was for 1.00pm.  The plane was only about half an hour late and the surgeon missed lunch and saw me at 1.15.  Three hours later, I was headed back up The Hill

Highway 20 Bella Coola HillThe sun set about an hour before I arrived home.  But everything had gone smoothly – all my preparations had been for nothing.

Highway 20, Chilcotin

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8 thoughts on “A Little Snow”

  1. It is an incredible and beautiful world you live in.
    I am sorry to hear that your knee is still not quite right. That your day went smoothly down the “hill” and back is a relief but, I have to say: it is a breath-taking place, for sure.
    Barbara recently posted…Autumn Garden WorkMy Profile

  2. Very sorry about your bum knee. It must be so frustrating for someone who has always been on the move every waking moment. What beautiful shots of “The Hill.” Love the fungi photos, too. Thank you for sharing so much of B.C. with us.

  3. Having to go out for medical stuff at this time of the year is such a pain – glad you had an easy trip, but what a bummer the knee is not getting better! Doing your daily chores must be difficult with a swollen knee. Hope it gets better soon 🙂 I severely sprained my knee in late March and it’s taken until now to get back to 99,5% normal.
    Nicole recently posted…Backwoods SafetyMy Profile

  4. Chris, I have recently discovered your blog and am so enjoying it, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks reading right from the beginning. You are living the wilderness life in a beautiful situation that a most of us can only dream of, but keeping up with your blog is the next best thing – I think you’re just amazing. Pretty sure it was you that I saw not so long ago on Ray Mears’ Survival series on the telly. Sorry to hear your knee is not healing up as quickly as you’d hoped, you’ve a long winter ahead of you so I hope things get better very soon. Your plant wildlife and scenery pictures are just brilliant!

  5. Chris though all you photos are amazing to look at, I especially love your close ups. You have a highly developed eye for the artistic in your pictures.
    I am trying to refine my photographic skills, but what I learn from looking at your work is that the simple and ordinary can be excellent subjects.

  6. Happy to hear of safe, uneventful trip to Bella Coola. Not happy to hear your knee still gives you grief. I ‘broke’ a ligament in ankle April 1-a fall. Physio told me could be a year to heal and swelling may never go down. I’m doing everything ‘right’ I believe. So drat and darn. Aging is not for wimps! I always love to see a new blog…the photos are delightful. We were -30C on the 11th…now, +4C. Preparing for Saskatoon on Friday for Ken’s Mother’s funeral service. No sadness, just fond memories. Pat was 94, laid down one day and slipped away.

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