November Weather at Ginty Creek

In a word: Gloom

1. gloomBut this is typical of November – in fact we’ve had a fair amount of sun compared with some Novembers I have knows.  Usually, however, fog hangs around.

1b . fog bitsVery often, the mountains are hidden

2. riverThe first bit of snow almost disappeared.

3. marshBut there was enough in shady places to pick out little vignettes.  I have passed this fallen lodgepole pine innumerable times and never seen the cone remnants in quite this light before.

3a lodgepole conesJacob’s Ladder.

4. jacob's ladderA glimpse of running water.

5. water


And weeds.

6. weedsThen we had three days with no sun at all.  It dribbled snow most of the time although the total amount was only about 4 cms.

7. a little snowOne of the problems with hand-washing clothes is that it is difficult to get the rinse water out.  These garments had been on the line for days and they were rigid as cordwood.  Clothes must be hung with care in winter: where they are folded over the line, they often freeze together so must be pinned with the minimum of contact.  If it is too cold, the pegs break before you can free the garment.

8. laundryA daily chore was to brush the solar panels free of snow.  Having the panels a small distance from the house means I lose a bit of power.  But they are in the sunniest spot of the yard, and having them on the ground means I can keep them clear.

9. brushing solar panelsThen one night the sky cleared and the temperature dropped.

10. thermometreIt was beautifully sunny at home, but storms still hung about the mountains, and only bits of them could be seen.

11. mts vague


12. Finger PeakBut we are still getting a reasonable ration of sun (and it is warmer: only minus 10C last night.)

13. Fog over pondThe sunrise beauty is no longer over the mountains but is seen through the bay window in the south east. Although we are a month from the shortest day, the sunrise and sunset points will not change a great deal before they start heading back again.


14. sunrise



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