From Summer to Winter

There was little warning when summer turned to winter.

middle mountain fresh snow


from Cariboo Flats

perkins peak and fresh snowThe next night was clear – and the temperature dropped to minus 10C. By mid morning, the frost had melted.

4. featherThe river is low.  Hard to believe that on this exact day 3 years ago we had that tremendous flood.

McClinchy RiverIn one of the log jams, there was a water-worn cottonwood trunk.

waterworn cottonwoodIn a calm eddy were hundreds of whirligig beetles.

crazy beetlesOn 27th September I went to Bella Coola again to see the physiuotherapist. Steady rain was forecast, but it was cold and sunny at the top of The Hill.

Bella Coola HillThe other side of the pass was gloomier.

The Bella Coola Hill Soon I was in cloud.

fog on the Bella Coola HillBut gleams of sun filtered through the fog.

car on Bella Coola Hill


camper on the Bella Coola HillAnd at the bottom, the sun was shining.

bottom of the Bella Coola HillI made the trip there and back in one day.  It was growing dark as I came close to home.  The fall colours should be at their peak now but they have a grey/green look so perhaps we are not going to get a good display this year.

near Kleena Kleene



2 thoughts on “From Summer to Winter”

  1. Hey Chris,

    It must give you a good feeling to see that snow on the mountains while knowing your high and dry in your finished cabin. It’s been a long haul, but the cabin sure looks great.
    I hope the knee is well healed and dogs are doing well.
    How’s the new book coming? I need a good read for winter.

    Regards, Gary

  2. Beautiful shots of the abrupt changes from summer to winter. I never tire of seeing photos of the highway from Anahim Lake to Bella Coola. Thank you for being so faithful to your blog.

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