Going Home!

Two great friends drove me north.  Len (who took the picture – I have none of him) drove my van and I rode in Alan’s car.  My van is stuffed with item’s from Doreen’s mother’s condo – that is why there are chairs tied to the roof.

Alan and me and vanIt was very uncomfortable to sit in the passenger side so I sat crossways in the back seat.  One gets an interesting view of the world looking directly through the side window of a car.

I have been driving to and from Vancouver on and off for over 30 years.  It was only about 6 years ago that I realized you could see Mt Baker from the freeway.

Mount Baker from the Freeway.Soon we were headed up into the Fraser canyon.

3 tunnelThe Fraser River was swollen and brown.

Fraser RiverOnce we got out of the canyon, the country changed dramatically.

5. dry interiorThe spring green followed us as far as Cache Creek.  Then suddenly, it wasn’t there any more.

my van at 100 MileMy van is in Patricia’s yard.  Alan and Len turned around and drove back to Vancouver.  Patricia (on the left) and Steve (seated at back right) would take me the rest of the way.

Steve and PatriciaNear Williams Lake we picked up a young volunteer from Austria.  He will be my driver and gofer for a while.  I had a good two hours’ shopping to do in Williams Lake.  Thanks to everyone’s help, I survived it!

Max, who had been looking after the dogs while I was away, had to leave a couple of days before I got back.  So two more friends drove up from the Bella Coola Valley to fill in for him – and clean house and provide us a lovely dinner when I got home.

So a total of 10 people have been involved in helping me through this operation. What would I have done without them!  Thankyou everyone.

view from the window


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5 thoughts on “Going Home!”

  1. The only thing better than being in your own home is to have wonderful friends to help get you there!!! And you have an abundance of those. I was so glad to see your first blog update – just one of many steps in the healing journey. I wish you a full recovery and a pain free future to continue doing your heart’s desire. And —– guess what – our snow is finally gone and actually have some tulip greens peeking out. Wonders will never cease in Northern Alberta. Take care, Shirley

  2. Chris, so glad to know you survived the ordeal and the trip home. How good it will feel to bask in the sunshine on your deck. Hope the breezes are gentle, the rains come when needed and the fresh air is invigorating. Thought of you so many times in the past month.

  3. Bet it feels really great to be in your own space, dogs must be happy to be home with you too! All the best with your recovery.

  4. Chris, so glad you are home and survived the op. More importantly now, I hope it works and you are pain free-after the healing process. You will be happy to be home, with your gofer. May warm spring winds blow upon you. Leslie

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