Spectacular Sunsets at Ginty Creek

We’ve had a series of spectacular sunsets.

gentle sunset

They got better

first sunset

Middle Mountain

middle mountain

And high in the pink sky was the new moon.

new moon

The following we had another spectacular display.

second sunset

from my window

Even when it faded, it was still beautiful.

fading sunset

The next day we had a little fog in the morning, but then it was gorgeous.

gorgeous day

It was so warm that I could hike without a coat although the snow stayed just below freezing so was still nice and fluffy.

snowshoe tracks

Richly-coloured roots stuck above the snow.

pine root

I went to a viewpoint on the North Dunes

9 From north bluff

There was hardly a movement of wind where I stood, but you could see how the snow was blowing from Perkins Peak.

perkins peak

And that night, the colours were even stronger.  Even the snow on the ground turned pink.

pink snow

But that, I am afraid, presaged a terrible thaw.  Hot winds roared day and night and the beautiful fluffy snow was reduced to a few rotten inches or dirty ice around the door.  Today is a fraction cooler – just below freezing, but as gloomy as it gets.

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4 thoughts on “Spectacular Sunsets at Ginty Creek”

  1. I am curious to know how you heat your home during the winter months. My husband and I do not use gas heat here in Hudson’s Hope (Northern B.C.) We find it to expensive …so we use wood heat (there are plenty of bug kill trees around here.) We rely on heat tapes and heat lamps under our home to keep the water pipes from freezing…though there are times this happens anyway especially at -30. It is a good thing we have a nice big Valley Comfort wood stove where we can keep a big pot of water when the hot water line freezes up. Good thing I am used to some bush life as Dennis, my husband is a trapper/hunter so we have spent some time in the bush. He is also a SAWMAN so knows how to use a chainsaw…he holds his BC FALLER CERTIFICATION CARD. One rule we always follow…NEVER GO INTO THE BUSH WITHOUT A CHAINSAW. By the way..have you ever thought of using your dogs to pull a dogsled in the winter months? We have 3 dogs and I have bought a dog sled…NOW TO TRAIN THEM. COMES WITH A BRAKE WITCH COULD COME IN HANDY. We have a Dog Cart for summer use.

  2. Hi Chris:
    I feel you are a friend through your books, blog & website for Nuk Tessli. We met once, when you spoke at the Garden Club in Richmond BC a few years ago. I’m presently reading Ginty’s Ghost which I purchased on BC Ferries. We now live in Ladysmith so BC Ferries is my road to our grand-daughter in Coquitlam. Thank you for persevering to give us wonderful pictures, and books. I’m in admiration of your lifestyle; but I doubt my patience could survive your trials and tribulations of independent living in the forest. Thank you for providing us dreams. Keep up the good work, Your Fan, Daphne

  3. Beautiful pictures Chris! You are such a talented woman…The view out of your big picture window is priceless..

  4. Wow, I think I finally know how to leave a comment! Beautiful pictures Chris, and I loved Ginty’s Ghost. Once again, you amazed me with your creative problem solving and building skills! You are an inspiration.

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