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Finally the new blog is more or less the way I want it.  It has taken a month: I had a lot to learn about putting blogs together, and the shop part nearly drove me crazy.  At the same time I was trying to learn how to do things on a Mac and still have not got that all sorted out.

A couple of people have commented on some flashing when the slider pictures change.  This is not happening  on my ancient Toshiba or my new Mac, or the web designer’s computers.  Can you please email me if this is happening with you so I get some idea of how extensive the problem is.

The one thing I am still trying to do is get a comments form on the home page.  There is one, but it is in ridiculous place.  You have to go to click on the title of the post then scroll down waaaaay to the bottom.  I have missed your comments over the last weeks – a few have figured it out, but I really hope to make this more convenient.

I had help, of course – I am not a natural computer person.  Thank you Karilee Orchard at Outcome Marketing  for all your patience and help.  (Karilee said artists are the most difficult customers as they are so picky about the looks of the site!)  But I didn’t want a jazzed marketing site, I wanted it to stay friendly.  However, I now have an operating shop where books and photographs are for sale.  Artwork will have to come later when I have more time to deal with it.

Right now I need to write another book!

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6 thoughts on “The New Blog”

  1. Love the new blog but I also have the flashing problem. I’m on a Mac running Snow Leopard and I use Safari.
    Added your last book to my collection of your books and looking forward to reading it.
    Great pictures!!

  2. Hi Chris…I also enjoy your new blog but I agree with the last comment that the flashing is annoying when I’m scrolling through your beautiful pictures.

    1. Hi Russ and Gary
      My web designer says she doesn’t understand why the flashing is occurring. I will ask my other friends if it is happening.
      Thanks for your patience.

        1. Karilee,
          I’m on a IMac 7,1
          using Mac OSX version 10.6.3,
          and Safari version 5.0.2
          Hope this helps.
          Clicking on heading and scrolling down is working fine.
          Regards, Gary

  3. Hi Chris,
    The new blog is good except for the flashing of the whole page as the upper photos change.
    Maybe it’s just on my computer. I wonder if others are having the same problem.
    Hope you enjoy your Mac. I’m on my 4th one throughout the years.

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