A taste of winter at Ginty Creek

We’ve had an incredible, summer-like fall.  What amazing weather.

Then the clouds started coming in.  (I love these two – they are like dogs snarling at each other!)

Then it turned cold.

And the trees lost their leaves – except for one, which seems to be hanging in there long after the rest are bare.

We had a bit of snow on the ground (Hugo is putting the metal on the porch roof.)

And the pond froze over.

Tomorrow I make the 7-hour round trip to Williams Lake to pick up a Sapnish couple who will, with Hugo, dog-sit for me while I am away on my book tour.  The forecast is for snow…… (Ginty’s Ghost, by the way, is already on the BC Bestseller’s list….)


3 thoughts on “A taste of winter at Ginty Creek”

  1. Good luck on the tour, and well done with the BC Bestseller’s list. I only wish I were a little closer than Scotland, then I’d come along to say hi.
    Some beautiful photos here too, I look forward to when you update this blog.
    Keep up the inspiring work,

  2. Congradulations Chris!!..not that it surprised me as I’ve thoroughly enjoyed ever book you’ve written so far.”Pats on the back” so to say…

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