I felt the earthquake last night.  It was a mild, cloudy night, the almost full moon making the sky milky.  After baking all day I had the window open near my head while reading in bed.  Glass birds hanging by the window started to tap – I thought it might be the wind but could not feel it.  Then the tapping spread to other parts of the room and a large Swiss cowbell gently bonged.  There were a couple of distinct sways to the house.

I have been in much more noticeable earthquakes before in NZ, but this is the first I have felt in 32 years since I have lived in Canada.  Thanks to all of you who wrote expressing concerns.

2 thoughts on “earthquake.”

  1. Yep, I felt it too in the Precipice. Like riding on a train. Weird experience, was the first time ever for me. Hope your porch is still standing 😉

  2. HI Chris, I’m surprised that you felt the quake. I remember when that Japan one hit and they announced a tsunami. I thought you might have been hiking or etc. closer to the coastline for whatever reason and I phoned because I can’t lose my favorite author ! I’ve read many boooks throughout 50 years but yours are always my favorite ! Too bad I’m in Calgary otherwise I’d go meet up and buy your book personally and meet you.

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