Tatla Lake Fall Fair

The Tatla Lake Fall Fair was held at the beginning of September – shows how long it is since I have put up a post.

Tatla Lake is situated nearly half way between Williams Lake and Bella Coola.  Most of the people live south in Tatlayoko, but all congregate to Tatla for events.  It is still a very small community and the fair was very much a local family gathering.


Here is the parking lot (up on Highway 20)

All the produce entries in the hall

There was a scarecrow competition: this one was called Son of a Gun

This lady had a planter for a head

A really scarey entry graced the steps to the hall

My two current volunteers, Camille and Ron, spent many hours constructing and effigy using a horse skull for a head…

There was some difficulty getting it into the van, but here he is, tied to the power pole in the middle of the hall’s yard.  He didn’t win a prize, but the kids liked him!

There were good old fashioned competitions: apple bobbing

Cross cut sawing

And tug of war.  Men against women.

The women won!



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  1. How is the well situation going? Did you get a pump installed? Hoping all is completed with it and you have all the water you want right there at your home.

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