Mammaries 29 – 31 July 2012 Part Four


The following morning I had a bonus.  Although the weather was still stormy, the camp was flooded with sunshine.  Every lake that I could see, however, had its own down comforter of fog.

Just west of the camp was a small rocky knoll.

The view from there was wonderful.

I went up to watch the sunrise from first light (This is Mt Monarch)

first light on Mt Monarch

to full light

The temperature was very close to freezing – the dew was stiff!  So both I and the dogs were pleased when the sun hit the top of the rocky knoll.

It picked out the saxifrage and stonecrop growing among the stones.

I dropped down to a meadow just above the camp.

The vegetation was thick with the stiff, not quite frozen dew.

It was a fitting end to my wonderful camping trip.  Thank you Doron, Badger and Harry for making it easy for me.


One thought on “Mammaries 29 – 31 July 2012 Part Four”

  1. Beautiful pictures! Watching them made me feel like actually being ‘there’. I hope that I will be able to see all this beauty with my own eyes, some time. Thank you for these particular four posts. From now on, they will be my favorites 🙂

    I hope your knees will not cause you too much trouble.

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