North Pass Meadows 6th August 2012

My time at Nuk Tessli was drawing to a close.  On August 5th, friends flew in to share my last few days there together.  It was hot and sunny again and the following day we headed to North Pass meadows.  It did not seem that long ago that I made part of the trek with Doreen at the beginning of the season in late June.   Then, everything was covered with snow and we did not even reach the lake itself.

The trail is an easy climb up Beach Creek.  Soon you can see the southern mountains.

The flowers everywhere were stunning.  Anvil Mt is behind, and the meadows we were aiming for are on the ridge in front of it.

North Pass Lake was amazingly blue.

Once across the lake, we climbed steeply.

At first there did not seem to be a lot of flowers – everything is so late.  I did see a lovely clump of mt meadow buttercups complete with stink bug

And a pair of willow ptarmagin trying to entice me away from their young.

Then I moved around the hillside a little – and the meadows were astounding.


One thought on “North Pass Meadows 6th August 2012”

  1. Wonderful photos Chris ….. Happy 65th Birthday and happy days in your new life ..
    Will be looking forward to seeing new photos soon …
    Judy ..

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