Walker Valley at the one-oh-eight

Recently I made the last shopping trip before going into Nuk Tessli.  Overnight I stayed with a friend at the 108 Mile Ranch subdivision.  A block away is the Walker Valley with its ponds and grasslands ecology.

It is more forward than Ginty Creek, and is now so beautifully green.

The grass and ponds are full of baby geese.

It was, however, a dull, cold and windy morning when I went to look at the flowers.

Death camas


Lemon grass, or gromwell

Choke cherry

And the sticky geranium

I had left the dogs with friends at the Paradise Resort at Eagle Lake.  it is about an  hour’s drive from home.  As I drove west, the clouds parted and the weather was gorgeous there.

The lake is a fabulous turquoise blue because it is very shallow.  It is such a tropical colour to have in the heart of the Chilcotin.  A dramatic feature of the lake is the pelicans.  They do not nest there, but travel huge distances on massive wings to go fishing.

One thought on “Walker Valley at the one-oh-eight”

  1. Eagle Lake is incredibly beautiful! I wish we’d turned west at Williams Lake now. 🙂

    I was introduced to your blog by Harold after I mentioned on the survivalist blog comments that I’d been reading Wilderness Seasons by Ian and Sally Wilson about their 14 months at Hottah Lake. I live in south-central BC but have been up to FSJ, Dawson Cr., Mackenzie a couple of times, while a close friend lives in Bella Coola, and we may be heading to Kitimat this summer, though that’s not your region I know. Wondering about stopping by this beautiful lake if we ever get that way.

    So enjoying your blog. Thank you!

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