No sun, No Moon, No stars, No noon, No any time of day: November.

That was a rhyme we used to say when I was a kid.  The picture I took of Walker Valley when I stayed at 108 Mile for the 100 Mile House craft fair certainly illustrates it well.

frost in Walker islandHere is the booth I had at the fair.

booth at 100 Mile FairI would have made a small profit were it not for an emergency brake job.  Seems like two hoses  – one metal and one rubber – had both worn out at the same time, as well as the master cylinder.  I had driven into town OK – despite terrible road conditions (a layer of ice under 2″ of snow) – and done a few hours’ shopping, then was heading south to 108 Mile when suddenly I had no brakes.  I drove very cautiously to my mechanic but the soonest he could fit me in was in 5 days’ time.  His receptionist phoned around, but everyone was screaming to winterize their vehicle, or dealing with fender benders thanks to the morning’s snow.  Finally, a mechanic was found, but due to my “old” vehicle (I have never owned one so new), parts were not available until the following morning.  With 2 large unbathed and very hairy dogs a motel was not an option and there were no rental vehicles big enough in town to transport me, the animals, and all the parephenalia for the fair.  I was able to contact a 108 friend and he picked me up then drove me back the following day to collect the van.  The bill came to $740.

Going home I had fresh snow on the road again, but there was no ice underneath so it was not so bad.  The sun was also shining beautifully.

Highway 20 with fresh snowBut that was the last I have seen of the sun except for  a few odd gleams.  The mountains are hidden in murk most of the time; on this occasion they were comparatively clear.

Ginty Creek sunset, NovemberIn the mean time I must look for photographic inspiration in details.

dwarf birch and willow at Ginty Creek

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