Deepening frost

For days, storms hid the mountains.  It was very windy, and banners of snow blew from the closer hills.

snow blowing from the closer hillsSkiffs of snow would fall overnight then the ground would blow bare during the day.

Then finally it cleared.

clear sunrise at Ginty CreekThe temperature dropped to -16C.  Made me glad of the styrofoam seat in the outhouse!

outhouse at Ginty Creek

Into the birch meadow I went.

birch meadow at Ginty CreekThe ponds have long been frozen, and now even Ginty Creek is beginning to close up with ice.

Ginty Creek freezingIf the camera angle was right, it was possible to catch the ice crystals bending the light.

Constellations of moons among the weeds.  Interestingly, blurry raindrops are round.  Blurry ice crystals have a faint hexagonal shape.

Mother nature’s Christmas lights!


3 thoughts on “Deepening frost”

  1. Fellow winter outhouse user here – where did you get your styrofoam seat?

    PS you are on my winter reading list. Thanks for writing books & here.

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