Trip to Bella Coola: Part One

Yesterday Mogens and I went down The Hill to Bella Coola.  I took so many photos I am going to have to split the account into three posts.

It takes about three hours to drive along Highway 20 from Kleena Kleene to the sea.  The pavement ends at Anahim Lake and at first the road becomes higher and more wintry.  In this picture, the Rainbow Mountains, a volcanic mass that butts against the Coast Range, are in the background.

west of Anahim, Highway 20 is unpaved.The last couple of years have seen a lot of big fires near the top of The Hill and we stopped to photograph the stark tree carcasses with the Little Rainbows behind.

A burn along Highway 20 near the top of The Hill

Suddenly, right behind us, came a fox.

a fox beside Highway 20 on the way to Bella CoolaIt was so tame, we figured people had been feeding it, although there is not a lot of traffic along Highway 20 at this time of year, and why anyone else would stop there is a mystery.

a fox standing beside Highway 20 near the top of The HillI enjoyed the shape its shadow made as it moved away.

The fox running away from Highway 20 near the top of The HillIt was in exactly the same place when we came back about 8 hours later.  As we slowed it ran over to us.  But we had eaten our sandwiches and had nothing to give it.  It must know that by being on the smooth snow slope it is easily seen and people will stop for it.


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