A Pretty Evening

It’s been cold and windy again for day after day.  Sometimes we get an hour or two of pretty weather and one day we had a lovely evening.

the lower pond at ginty Creek in evening lightThe pussy willows have turned yellow.

pussy willows at Ginty Creek

And this morning there was a soft, grey mist.

morning mists on the lower pond at Ginty CreekThere is a constant movement of birds.  Today two striking male yellow-headed blackbirds came to the feeder briefly.

two yellowheaded blackbirds at the feeder at Ginty Creek

It is rare to see the yellowheaded blackbirds at Ginty Creek.  I have observed them once before.  They are a bird of the open marshlands.  This immature redwing blackbird was not feeling very sure of himself.

two blackbird species at the feeder at Ginty Creek.Can’t say as I blame him!


One thought on “A Pretty Evening”

  1. Such beautiful photos – you truly have an artist’s eye Chris. I continue to enjoy your blog and live a wilderness life, vicariously!

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