Attic Floor

The attic floor needed finishing.  I could not do it before as first I had to build the attic steps.  The piece of floor that needed doing had to be fitted around the top of the steps.

Here is my wwoofer, Mogens, trimming a piece for the side of the steps with the chain saw.

Mogens chain sawing a piece to fit the attic floor around the top of the steps. stepsAnd here he is hand-sawing a piece to fit.

Mogens handsawing a piece to complete the attic floorEventually the whole attic will be insulated.  I plan to make a library (I have well over a thousand books) and a spare bedroom.


2 thoughts on “Attic Floor”

  1. That cabin is amazing for being built with a chainsaw as your only power tool.

    How many hours do you have invested in it?

    Also curious how long the drive is from your place to Anahim Lake (winter & summer)?

    How close do you get to your homestead by vehicle?

    My dream is to move to that area (Tatla, Anahim or Nimpo) & live off the grid but not quite to the extreme you are. I would want running hot & cold water, probably more power via larger # of solar panels & maybe even wind power.

    What is it like to get supplies in either Anahim or Tatla?

    About how much more would supplies cost there versus Williams Lake % wise?

    1. Mike: Don’t forget I bought milled lumber for the cabin at Ginty Creek although I did shape some with the chainsaw. It is impossible to measure the hours I put into it. Hundreds! Thousands! I have written a book about it – it will be called: Ginty’s Ghost. It is being read by a publisher right now and will probably be out in the fall of 2012.

      If you read the blog you will see that I can drive to the door here although the road is rough.
      Stuff is definitely more expensive out west. Gas is 10 – 15c more per litre. If you want to find out the logistics of getting food into a place like this, read A Wilderness Dweller’s Cookbook “”

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