Ploughing the road at Ginty Creek near Kleena Kleene
ploughing my road

I got ploughed out yesterday.  I have 3 miles of road; it was a problem finding anyone to do the job as there is no one close by with a suitable machine.  The first man I contacted lives half an hour west.  He would have done it but he had a big welding job at the sawmill near Anahim Lake.  The mill has been closed for a long time but is now being converted to metric.  Two other people I have used in the past were both working down in Bella Coola fixing roads after the devastating fall floods.

Then I contacted Les Rolston, a man I had not met before.

Les Rolston taking a break from ploughing the road at Ginty Creek
Les Rolston

He lives an hour’s drive east so I would be paying for two hours road time on top of whatever it would take to plough my road.  He had a little bobcat and I was not sure how such a small machine could do such a big job.

Which shows how much I know about it!  He was really fast!  The whole job cost half of what I have often paid in the past. That is an impressive machine.

ploughing the yard at Ginty Creek
bobcat with snowplough

I hope I will be able to get some fresh vegetables, deal with my mail, and go to the library before I get snowed in again.  More snow is forecast tonight and tomorrow, and still more on Thursday and Friday.  Unfortunately the weekly produce truck won’t arrive until late today so the veggies won’t be available until tomorrow.  Wednesday is also mail and library day.

Short post today as it has been very dull and I have had no sun to make power.

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  1. Those little bobcats are pretty cool… They look like oversized Tonka Toys but when we had to get our driveway plowed a while back in order to bring some furniture in and it was too steep and bendy for the normal plow, a fellow came by with one of these and zipped the snow out of the way in no time!

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