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Martin Weinhold

A friend told me that a German photographer, Martin Weinhold, was looking for subjects for his Workspace Canada project.  He had portrayed a number of city occupations and was interested in the kind of activities that go on in the west Chilcotin – ranchers, outfitters, pilots, general storekeepers etc.  I went round with him on his first day to introduce him to people.  It happened to be one of the three days a week that the sched flight from Vancouver arrived at the Anahim Airport, and I watched him setting up his camera.

airport at Anahim LakeHere is Martin checking Kim, the woman who runs the office, with a light metre.

checking Kim with the light metreIt was a sunny day, but with a cold wind…..

windsock at Anahim lakeWhile we waited for the plane (which was late) I amused myself with my digital snapshot camera.  I don’t think the search and rescue van has been moved for years.

search and rescue van at Anahim LakeI enjoyed these introduced weeds and their shadows on an old oil drum

oil drum at Anahim LakeThen I got close up to a dandelion

dandelion at Anahim LakeAnd next I did my big zoom thing with some foxtail barley grass.

barley grass at Anahim Lake