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More Birds Arriving at Ginty Creek

It snowed another inch last night but was comparatively warm, being only a couple of degrees below freezing.  The birds always move when the weather is kind; there is still not enough bare ground to attract most of them, though.

There are now about 30 juncos twittering, clicking, and fighting.

oregon juncos at Ginty Creek

A male pine grosbeak suddenly showed up.  They winter here and a female has been hanging about on and off for a while.  But the males are now in their splendid spring livery.

male pine grosbeak at Ginty Creek

A flicker is cackling and he is trying to work out the best way to get at the suet.

red-shafted flicker at Ginty Creek

Most surprising of all was a rufous-sided towhee.  It is only the second time I have seen one here.  The first time was also when the snow lay very late.

rufous-sided towheeWhat a wonderful red eye!