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Farewell Nuk Tessli

I have already mentioned some of the changes that have been happening at Nuk Tessli.  The motor boat made moving canoes and other objects much easier.

Many years ago, a young German was writing his experiences in my guest book and he asked me if he could use the word “Queendom.”  I thought it a wonderful word!  (The final Nuk Tessli book, already half-written, will be called just that!)  Doron is installing compost toilets for each cabin.  So finally, just before I had to leave, I had a throne.

Doron also has started a shower block.  What a different job carrying logs is with several people – I built the first 2 cabins at Nuk Tessli totally alone.  I dragged and lifted the logs with a block and tackle and a come-along.

But to me, the most amazing thing at Nuk Tessli was the installation of a router so that we had Wi-Fi.  I never really had a phone of any kind – now, every morning and evening, several people can call or text Israel at once.

I like this toy so much I think I will get one for Ginty Creek so my world wide volunteers can phone home.

And so the last day dawned.  How many thousands of pictures of the sunrise have I taken at Nuk Tessli over the last 24 years?

I managed to persuade the Israelis to line up for a photo.

On the left (pulling faces) is Pish, then Amotz, Me and Doron, Doron’s wife, Suzan, Inbal and Oren.

I am handing over the keys to Nuk Tessli

Things got a little emotional after that so I never got around to taking any more photos until we were in the air.

Farewell Nuk Tessli (It is kind of smokey due to a forest fire about 200 miles south.)  The cabins are near the islands on the extreme left of the lake.

A few days before I left, I celebrated my 65th birthday.  So I guess I am now officially retired.