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Heatwave at Ginty Creek

As a contrast to the appallingly wet winter, spring and summer, we have finally had a heatwave.  The temperature has been cool in the morning – sometimes freezing – and 28 – 30 C in the afternoon for day after day.  We finally have our summer.

hot sunrise at Ginty CreekThe Chilcotin is bleaching in front of our eyes.  The temperature made my trip to town pretty exhausting.  On the way home I stopped for a break at the Redstone Reserve.

reserve at RedstoneThey have a curious little graveyard jammed tight against Highway 20.

graves at Redstone ReserveThis grave fence has a cross made of horseshoes.

cross made of horseshoes at Redstone ReserveBack at Ginty Creek the grasses are bleached as well. These were lit by the last rays of the evening sun.

fence at Ginty CreekThat night, we were graced by the harvest moon….

harvest moon