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Precipice Cattle Drive 2016

10 driving cowsI could have stayed at the Precipice for the 2016 cattle drive overnight on the Friday, but I love mornings and I elected to go down early on the Saturday.  The Precipice is south of Anahim Lake and a little over 2 hours’ drive.  I left just after sunrise, which is around 5.30 by the clock right now.1 early sunThere were two groups of pelicans on Nimpo Lake.2 pelicansWe’d had two days of cold rain – a few flakes of wet snow at one point – so this morning’s un was very welcome and the light was spectacular.  Drawing closer to the Precipice, the cloud lifted off the mountains revealing settled snow on the higher trees.3 road to precipiceThe above picture shows the logging road: soon I was plunging down the rough, narrow, steep Precipice road.  Fred, one of the residents has a hobby of building stone people.  Over the few years that he has been there, they have bred indiscriminately and multiplied to thousands!4 stone peopleI was in good time for the start of all the activity.  First was saddling up.  (The Precipice is lower and wetter than Kleena Kleene, hence the lusher growth.)5 saddling up

6 saddling up 2

7 saddling up 3The cows were already in a fenced pasture, and they were rounded up.  They were inconsiderate enough to stay in the trees and shade – very difficult to photograph!8 rounding up cowsLee, the rancher, likes to walk in front of the cows and call them up the trail.  He is the man in the dark blue/grey shirt and red suspenders in the middle.  Jade and Ryan, my new neighbours, elected to walk with him.  They have their kids, extra clothes, and lunches on their backs.9 Jade and RyanI stayed behind to photograph the riders.11 ridersI complained to Lee that he should go back to having red cows.  They make much better pictures!10a driving cows 2

12 driving cows 3A few hours later, everyone was home.  The youngest cowboy was introduced to the horses (which his aunties were riding.)13 start em young!Then everyone relaxed….14 neighbours…until it was time to barbecue the steaks.14a barbecueAfterwards, it was music time!  (Lee used to play in a rock band.)15 LeeThe seated musician is Clint.  He needs to read the score all the time; when the wind blew the pages over, the music stopped!16 Clint, Lee and DavidThe sun went down and the fire became our source of light.
18 round the fireNext morning was a pancake breakfast.19 pancake breakfast

20 Lee cookingAs I left the valley, I disturbed a large black bear.  It is the fourth bear I’ve seen this year, but the others ran off too quickly to photograph.21 bearA couple of days later, Fred came by on his way to the Coast.  I had a couple of great stones flanking my road at the edge of my property and Fred hauled rocks up the hill with him and built me a couple of stone people.22 FredThank you Fred!23 My stone person