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Another Post of Bits and Pieces.

A mix of weather, although I see that most of these pictures have been taken in sunshine.  It remains ridiculously mild; about -10C at night and plus 2 – 4C in the afternoon.  In the sun it is positively balmy and I often hike without a coat.

Sunrise. Water has started to ooze on top of the ice on the pond:

ginty creek sunrise

That same morning, the moon composed itself nicely.

ginty creek half moon

The sun now clears Middle Mountain when it sets.

sun clearing Middle Mountain

On a clear evening, the light is superb

evening light Ginty Creek

But sometimes there is a bit of fog.

fog below Finger Peak

There is not much snow, but the shadows are pretty.

snow shadows

Last Saturday the Tatla Lake annual ski competitions were held.  Competitors ere of all ages.

6 ski race

There was a tea-boiling competition.

tea boiling at Tatla Lake ski race.

And people just came to socialize.

8 like bumps on a log

On yesterday’s hike I was entertained by a pileated woodpecker.  I don’t see them that often here.  This guy was checking the resonance out on every branch on every snag.  Hi drum rolls followed me all afternoon.

pileated woodpecker

pileated woodpecker 2