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North Pass Meadows 19th August 2011 Part Three

Now at last I found groups of common red paintbrush on the North Pass Meadows.

common red paintbrush and Flattop MtA hoary marmot made his presence known.  They are normally common in the alpine but I have heard very few this year.  Probably the extra weeks that they were forced to stay hibernating took its toll.

hoary marmotA last look at the flowers and the mountains….

Gentian Valley in the backgroundThe high valley behind is Gentian Valley, named by me because of a rare (for Canada) gentian.  I hope to get up there before I leave Nuk Tessli this year.

I took a different route on the way home.  It was muggy and hot and windless.

windless tundra poolBadger was glad to get to the beach on my lake and have a swim.

Nuk Tessli beach

It was a relief to get into the open water where the wind blew away the flies.

near the cabins at Nuk TEssli