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Eve Gordon

There are a number of Eve Gordons around: the one that contacted me is a film-maker.

Eve Gordon, filmmakerShe wants to make a documentary about my wilderness life.  She will be coming to Nuk Tessli with me next summer.  I had not met her before, but found her a most interesting and entertaining person.  (I also had a volunteer staying with me at the same time: he was called, of all things, Adam!  Does that mean I live in a Garden of Eden?)

The day Eve arrived, Adam and I were burning derelict sheds and other debris at Ginty Creek.

2 burningA nearby fence railing sported wonderful runes.

3 runes

The weather continued cold in the morning and gorgeous in the afternoon. But the colours have gone from the trees and a rim of ice fringes the river.

river iceOne morning we had a peculiar ochre light at sunrise.

5 ochre light


6 ochre light 2


7 ochre light 3Both Adam and Eve left this morning, just before a big dump of snow is supposed to arrive.  We are long overdue for a snowfall.  It will be interesting to see if we actually get much.

Eve stayed at the motel in Tatla Lake.  One morning she was having breakfast at the restaurant when a couple came in all excited about seeing a black wolf on the road.  As she drove the 40 minutes to my place, she saw the black wolf, but now it was dead, run over by a vehicle.  Whereas I hate to think of things getting hurt, once it is dead, it is compost.  I am fascinated by all natural architecture and have quite a collection of animal skulls so Eve and I rushed back in my pickup to see if we could get it.  Right at the spot was an yellow Interior Roads truck.  I managed to stop the driver from continuing and asked him what he had done with it.  He had tossed it well away from the road down a steep bank to let the wild creatures dispose of it.  So Eve and I had to drag it up again.  It was quite a small wolf – it’s rear end was horribly mangled but the fur and head were prime.  Its feet were beautiful.  The skull is simmering as we speak: soon I will be able to pick it clean and add it to  my bone shelf.

A white wolf skin featured at a benefit last weekend at Tatla Lake.  A couple in the community had sudden, unexpected financial problems.  So there was a potluck dinner, an auction, and a dance held for them.  Items for the auction included: the white wolf skin; two rifles (one brand new and one missing a lot of parts); a trailer load of firewood, a truck load of manure; a hand-made quilt; a spectacular helicopter ride; and two different romantic weekends at local resorts.  Everybody knew everybody so it was a great deal of fun.  A bunch of cowboys came in late from Nimpo Lake.  A couple were quite inebriated – I wonder if they were aware, the next morning, what they had bid on…..


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