We’ve Got Leaves!

It is always so exciting when the leaves start to come out.  The trees have been bare for almost 8 months. At first, there was barely a hint of colour change.Early purple violets peeped through the grass. The rhubarb started to unfurl.And out popped the dandelions!In a nearby slough a yellow-headed blackbird posed in the cat tails.A few streaks of black appeared in the mountain snows.Then a flush of green showed on the far side of the river, always the first area to show colour.Cottonwood leaflets caught the low sun like emeralds.Cut-leafed fleabanes decorated the bank.The aspens are leafing out.A veritable tapestry of green.I took the two Netherlanders back to Williams Lake and picked up Martina, a young woman from Czech Repbulic.
She’d had very little experience, but took to the chainsaw like a pro.She was lonely on her own, though.  So I took her over to the Terra Nostra Guest Ranch (which is only a couple of kilometres away as the crow flies – but 20 mins by road) so she could meet Christoph’s two helpers and go for a horse ride.

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