November in June

1 aaaTemperature – 8C (45F).  Fierce, bitter wind.  Dumping rain.  At Nimpo Lake, 40 minutes west, kids were making snowmen yesterday.  Almost the whole month has been like this.  It has been more like November than June.

Three weeks ago we had the annual summer craft fair at the Eagle’s Roost Resort near Tatla Lake.1 fair croppedIt was bitterly cold.  It kept raining and blowing.  At one point we had a furious hailstorm that sent everyone diving for cover.2 hailstormAs I drove to the fair in the morning, I noticed a small crack in the top left of my windshield.  After the hailstorm, it was right across.  It will have to be fixed on the next town trip.

Now we have an extra driving hazard.  At the beginning of the month, the range cows were turned out, which in our unfenced area means they roam along the road.3 cowsBecause of the initial early spring, logging was also started at that time.  Often it is mid June before they let the trucks on the road.4 logging sign

5 logging trucksSometimes we have had a brief flash of sun when it first rises and can shine underneath the cloud layer.  Note that the main mountains are hidden.6 storm warning

7 rainbow

8 sunrise on roadOften we are complaining about the heat and drought at this time of year.  The land is certainly benefitting from all this rain.  We’ve had about 6 decent falls since the snow left.  But it has been so cold.9 pond rain bestThe garden is struggling.15 struggling gardenThe kale that wintered (at the back) has shot up into flower stems and they are delicious to eat but I wanted to put something else in there.  I felt pretty mean hauling them out when the little wild bumble bees loved them so much.16 bees kale flowersOccasionally, the sky would halfway clear overnight.  The resulting morning mist made it look more like Fall than June.10 novembermistAnd when the sky cleared like that, we got hard frosts.  Lettuce.12 frosty lettuceItalian parsley.11 frosty parselyStrawberries very belatedly putting out the first flowers.13 frosty strawberriesAnd kale.  It becomes very stiff.  I eat it in my morning miso soup.  Picking it in these conditions is like snapping icicles.14 frost kale 1We did have four warm days in the last 3 weeks.  They ran consecutively.  On one, the temperature reached 30C! (85F).17 sunrise lightBut the cloud was never far away.18 foreground lightAnd back came the rain.19 heavy rain

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  1. Your lettuce froze.Oh my! Have you ever tried miso with lettuce soup. Very good. Seems mother nature is still dancing with winters song of snow, perhaps she’ll tire of the winter blues and get all jazzed up in sunny tunes.

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