June Flowers and the Rain

1 flower mix 1One good thing about all this cold rain is that the June Flowers have thrived.  Very often they are just a flash in the pan that shrivels quickly in the heat.  These displays occur in comparatively bare patches amongst the overall green.  2 flower mix 2The tall blue flowers are the Small-flowered Penstemon.  The white and pinkish ones are Field Pussytoes and, you’ve guessed it, Pink Pussy Toes.  Below we have Golden Agoseris, sometimes called False Dandelion.2a agoserisAnother penstemon, with much larger flowers grows in clumps on cliffs or in stony ground.  Richardson’s Penstemon.  There is a healthy display around the Kleena Kleene post office.  But it is not doing well this year.  It doesn’t like the rain.3a richardson's penstemonNor does the Silky Phacelia.  It was beaten to bits almost as soon as it bloomed.4 silky phaceliaThe Silver-leafed Butterweed, however, is thriving this year.5 silvery butterweedThe Cut-leafed Anemone is performing as per usual.6 cut leaf anemone bestThe Early Purple Violets have hung on much later than normal.7 violetsYarrow is abundant,8 yarrow bestAnd even the fireweed is starting to bloom – a month before it should.9 fireweedAnd of course the king of colour is the Common Red Paintbrush, unfortunately just in small, scattered clumps in this area.10 paintbrush bestThe aspens behind the paintbrush already have a silvery cast because of the very active leaf miners.  Their dining habit s never fail to intrigue me.11 leaf minersThe Lodgepole Pines are blooming.12 pine flowersThe rain beat all their copious pollen into the puddles.13 pollen on puddle 114 pollen on puddle 2

15 pollen on puddle 3The Wild Roses are struggling.16 roseThe Grasses are enjoying the rain.17 grasses in rainThe Dandelion seed has been pounded into the ground.18 dandelion heads

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  1. All the lovely flower pictures inspires me to take out my watercolors. A lovely place to be.

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