Winter Comes to Ginty Creek

1 rainIt starts with rain.  We had a surprising amount in late August through October.  Maybe three or four days of steady rain all told (spaced out), which is unusual for here.

When I returned from my book tour, there was already ice on the pond.2a first ice on pondIt thawed as it warmed up, 2 sunrise reflectionsBut was never very far away,1a frost after rainNow when the sun rose in spectacular form,5 bright sunrise east the ice was pink.6 pink iceEn route to Tatla one day, I passed several ponds half frozen.  Swans love to perch on new ice.  They feel safe that way.2bMany mornings were dull.3 dreary mistBut some would clear, and soon we had a dusting of new snow on the mountains.4 snow dust sunriseThe logging company, which has been operating furiously near Perkins Peak for the last couple of years, must have finished in the area for the time being.  For on several days a thick pall of smoke from their slash piles hung over the sky – fortunately south of Ginty Creek.7 slash burningThen we had a little snow around the cabin.9 early skiff snowEven the outhouse was prettied up.9b outhouseThe low November sunlight has a beautiful quality.9a little barn

10 orange snow

11 pink mistThe wind got up and snow blew off the peaks.15 blowing snowDaytime thaws around the cabin meant the snow on the ground usually melted before the next fall happened.  12 wetlandI have had several requests for pictures of this guy.  He is hard to capture well because he is so dark.  He’s stiff and old, (like his mom) but happy (like his mom!)9c BAdgerDandelions were stimulated to peek out again.13  dandelinBut now the pond was really frozen.  The dogs were already running on it.14 frozen pondThe frosts got colder.  The next two pictures were taken on my van windows.18 frost patterns(Now why would a marijuana leaf be there?)19 pot leafThe sun sets directly in front of my window at this time of year, and if I am lucky I get some gorgeous displays.  One was preceded by this non-event.20 November sundownBut it left with a very different picture. IMG_7520And then is snowed for real.  The world was transformed.wolrd transformed 2

early sun on treesAnd it’s back to my winter chore of sweeping the solar panels clear of snow.sweeping solar panels


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  1. Your photos are AWESOME Chris! We should make a date for you to come here sometime…. Would be great to get your talented outlook with some ranch photos!

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