Tatla Lake Gymkhana

11 horses waitingThe Tatla Lake Gymkhana is an annual event geared more to the control of the horse than the events offered in a rodeo.

There was bareback riding, weaving through a course of poles –

12 bareback ridingAnd barrel racing –

13 barrel race 1

14 barrel race 2I got a lot of pictures like this!

15 rear endAs well as the events, the audience provided great subject matter.  And they did not move so fast!

16 audience, kids

17 audience, kids 2

18 audience Christine

19 audience (Patrick)

20 contestantsThe funniest event, from the audience point of view, was the tire race.  A saddled rider carried a bareback passenger, who had to catch and hang onto a tire while the rider went round a barrel.  Then the passenger had to get back on again.

tire 1

tire 2
tire 3Offloading the passenger was usually easy enough.

tire 4But getting the horse close enough to that strange swinging object so that the passenger could climb back on again sometimes required a lot of persuasion.

tire 5

tire 6

tire 8

tire 9Not quite

tire 10

tire 12Hooray!

tire 13.  At last!




2 thoughts on “Tatla Lake Gymkhana”

  1. Your pics seems to be missing from here and older. weird. I was trying to catch up and was disappointed. I love your rodeo shots.

  2. The tire race does look hilarious. I also like the photo of the Coors Lady, she looks like she has a great attitude.

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